Patrizia Guarnieri

Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy.

Migrants, Exiles and Refugees Fleeing for Political and Racial Reasons

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Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy

    Research group

    Patrizia Guarnieri, the project’s director, is a full professor of cultural history at the University of Florence. She has been a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Harvard, a lecturer in the social history of science on the Overseas Program of Stanford University, CNR-NATO Fellow at the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, London, Jean Monet Fellow and Visiting Scholar at the European University Institute, and, most recently, M. Di Palermo McCauley Visiting Scholar at the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute, CUNY, New York. Her books include Italian Psychology and Jewish Emigration under Fascism. From Florence to Jerusalem and New York (New York, Palgrave-Macmillan, 2016), which received an award at the Edinburgh Gadda Prize 2019 (Cultural Studies).

    Nicola Cacciatore holds a PhD in History from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow). He is currently temporary research fellow at the University of Florence and collaborates with the Istituto nazionale Ferruccio Parri. In the United Kingdom, he is the Communication Officer for the Association for the Study of Modern Italy (ASMI). His interests focus on Italian-British relations in the period of the Second World War, in particular the relationship between Italian anti-fascists and British personnel involved in the Italian campaign. He has published on «Modern Italy» and «Occupied Italy. Rivista Storica dell’Italia occupata».

    Francesca Cavarocchi received her doctoral degree in European History at the University of Bologna, and has been awarded research grants and fellowships (borsista/assegnista) by the universities of Bologna, Teramo and Udine; she is currently temporary research fellow at the University of Florence. Her interests include the historical and sociological perspectives of antisemitism in Italy, fascist foreign policy, the memory of fascism in Europe, and the protection of cultural heritage in 20th century Italy. Her publications include Avanguardie dello spirito. Il fascismo e la propaganda culturale all’estero (Rome, Carocci, 2010) and, together with Elena Mazzini, La Chiesa fiorentina e il soccorso agli ebrei. Luoghi, istituzioni, percorsi (1943-1944) (Rome, Viella, 2018).

    Anna Teicher took her degree in History at the University of Cambridge (GB), and was a Junior Research Fellow of Newnham College at the same university. She specialised initially in 16th century history, in particular the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, but her current research interests concern the collective experience of foreign Jewish scholars forced to leave Italy in the wake of the racial legislation. She is working on a study of her father, Jacob Leib Teicher, a Polish Jewish scholar who took his degree in Florence and moved to Great Britain in 1938, and has contributed to the volume Ark of Civilization. Refugee Scholars and Oxford University, 1930-1945 (Oxford, OUP, 2017).