Patrizia Guarnieri

Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy.

Migrants, Exiles and Refugees Fleeing for Political and Racial Reasons

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e-ISBN: 978-88-6453-872-3 | DOI: 10.36253/978-88-6453-872-3

Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy


    Patrizia Guarnieri
    Intellettuali in fuga dall’Italia fascista. Migranti esuli e rifugiati per motivi politici e razziali
    Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy. Migrants, Exiles and Refugees Fleeing for Political and Racial Reasons

    Firenze, Firenze University Press, 2019 -, English version 2020-
    e-ISBN: 978-88-6453-872-3
    DOI: 10.36253/978-88-6453-872-3
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