Patrizia Guarnieri

Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy.

Migrants, Exiles and Refugees Fleeing for Political and Racial Reasons

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Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy

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    «Lives to be rebuilt».

    «The purpose of this ambitious work is not to reconstruct the intellectual biographies of Italian scholars who have made careers abroad, but to tell the stories of those moving, often troubled lives of so many men and women who, with determination and tenacity, did not lose heart when faced with the need to completely reinvent their existence».
    Federica D'Auria, Il Bo Live, Università di Padova, 16 February 2021

    «​Four Scholars who Escaped from Fascist Italy​ » by Silvia Bencivelli, the stories of Giacomo Ancona, Giselda Biancalani, Vinicio Barocas, and Renata Calabresi presented on «Vite che non sono la tua» (Lives that are not yours)
    Rai Radio tre, 6-7, 13-14 February 2021
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    «The Archive of Forgotten Histories. Unknown or Little Known Stories of Researchers, Artists, and Those at Risk who Escaped from Italy».
    Rai Radio 3 scienza, 5 February 2021
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    «Escaping Fascism. The policies of the fascist regime and racial persecution led to a brain drain that is still widely unknown. Now there is a project to reconstruct its history».
    Silvia Bencivelli, ​Le Scienze, February 2021

    «Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy».
    Il Sole 24 ore, Domenicale, 7 February 2021

    «Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy. The Research, Website, and Mission. Documenting and reconstructing the lives of displaced intellectuals, step by step, with an historiographical ambition to expand horizons. A new methodology employed with a civil commitment to remember [...] a massive endeavor».
    Lea Campos Boralevi, ​Toscana ebraica, January-February 2021

    «An unmistakably original element of the website’s content is that of not only condemning the injustices inflicted upon the victims – which are evident to whoever is not in bad faith or whoever has not been completely eclipsed by the ideologically blind vision of Fascism – but that of contextually demonstrating the damage Fascism did to Italy; by depriving it of such intelligence that could have enriched many fields of knowledge».
    Paolo F. Peloso, ​Psychiatry online Italia, 30 January 2021

    «​The Archive of Italy’s Brain Drain from Fascist Italy. The historian Patrizia Guarnieri reconstructs the journeys of scholars and scientists, many of which were Jewish: human tragedies and an enormous damage for our research».
    Silvia Bencivelli, ​Il Venerdì di Repubblica, 29 January 2021

    «​When the human capital flight is that of women​»
    La Nazione, 27 January 2021

    «​Aurelia and other stories we should never forget​»
    Paolo Di Stefano, Il Corriere della sera, 25 January 2021

    «Leave Fascist Italy for a better world​»
    Marco Romano, ​Toscana Novecento

    «Fascinating new website with support from @UNI_FIRENZE on ‘Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy’, drawing in part on Cara archives at the Bodleian. Work in progress, but lots to read​».
    Tweet​ from Cara - the Council for At-Risk Academics @CARA1933

    «The National Library of Israel's Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People is taking part in a groundbreaking new project being led by the University of Florence».
    The National Library of Israel takes part in the Intellettuali in fuga​ project

    An article on Annemarie Curth Goldberg and her husband Erich Goldberg, who fled from Germany to Italy, and then to Singapore.
    The Muntok Memorial Peace Museum, Muntok, Bangka Island, Indonesia

    «Lives to Reconstruct, Lives on the Move​»
    Alberto Cavaglion, ​«The University without the Jews​»
    Sergio Della Pergola, «Emigration, Seven Points to Reflect upon​»
    Daniela Gross, «The sorrowful diaspora of the Jewish students and scholars»
    Pagine ebraiche, 7 July 2020

    «Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy. A New Website on Migrants, Exiles, and Refugees​»
    Francesca Cavarocchi, Historia Magistra, 32, 2020

    Interview on Radio Città del Capo, 28 January 2020
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    «Astronomies and Philologies. The Great Minds who Escaped the Racial Laws. It is true that Italy was, and is, a land of poor emigrants without culture. But today we know that there was a different kind of Italian emigration: that of the so-called ‘brain drain’. It is a whole other phenomenon that deserves to be studied».

    Paolo Di Stefano, ​Corriere della Sera, 27 January 2020

    «Finally some good news from the Internet: the creation of a new website that is dedicated to the exile of Jewish scholars after 1938».
    Alberto Cavaglion, ​Moked, 28 November 2019

    «Not just an extremely complex research, compilation, or enormous archivization. It is the mirror of reality, of a ‘qualified mobility’ that began in the thirties and which reverberates to the present day. It shows us the knowledge of back then, today, and the future; the knowledge that we have lost due to the horror and stupidity of racism​».
    Edoardo Semmola, ​Corriere Fiorentino, 24 October 2019

    «Generation Dissention. The Great Minds that Escaped Fascist Italy»
    Maria Cristina Carratù, Repubblica Firenze, 24 October 2019

    Interview on Radio radicale, 24 October 2019
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    IF «reconstructs the personal and familial stories of these lives in exile with a rich documentation made of images, maps, infographic, and bibliography, along with the support networks that supported the various individuals who escaped».
    Paese Sera, 23 October 2019

    Interview on Controradio, 23 October 2019
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    «The objective of this project is to direct attention to the emigration of scholars during the Fascist era, which has been little studied up until now, whether in the numbers or events of their biographies, in their journeys or professional and academic achievements».
    Biblioteca di filosofia, 31 May 2019

    A recognition of unearthing a buried history that is the intellectual emigration from Italy; still little has been done whether it is the numbers, journeys, or academic or professional achievements».
    Shalom, 20 December 2018