Patrizia Guarnieri

Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy.

Migrants, Exiles and Refugees Fleeing for Political and Racial Reasons

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Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy

Aldo Mieli (1879-1950)

Livorno 4 December 1879 - Florida (Argentina) 16 February 1950

Lives on the move

Support network

  • Henri Berr (1863-1954) put Mieli in charge of a section of the History of Science Department at the Centre International de Synthèse (Paris) in 1928.
  • Julio Rey Pastor (1888-1962), Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), facilitated Mieli’s move to Argentina in 1939.
  • José Iturrat (Buenos Aires, Argentina) obtained a monthly pension for Mieli during his last years. 



Birth and Education

  • Student

University Education

  • Università di Pisa, degree in chemistry
  • Student

Specialization at Leipzig University

  • Leipzig University, 1904-1905 school year
  • Student

Teacher's Assistant and Non-tenure Track Professor

  • Università di Roma, laboratory assistant in the Chemistry Department (1905-1912); received teaching qualifications in 1908
  • Fixed-term employment
  • Untenured professor

Researcher and Cultural Organizer

  • Centre international de Synthèse e Académie Internationale d’Histoire des sciences (1928-1938)
  • Stable employment
  • Researcher,Others
1939Santa Fe

Tenured Professor

  • Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa, Argentina (1939-1943). Fired after the coup d'etat.
  • Stable employment
  • Tenured professor
1950Buenos Aires