Patrizia Guarnieri

Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy.

Migrants, Exiles and Refugees Fleeing for Political and Racial Reasons

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Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy

David Prato (1882-1951)

Livorno 8 January 1882 - Rome 7 March 1951

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Emigrant family members

  • Corinna Rachel Livia Servi (1887-1948), wife: she emigrated with him in December 1938. She came back to Italy in September 1945.
  • Jeonathan Prato (Florence 16 February 1913 - Jerusalem 5 January 2006), son: he emigrated to Palestine in January 1935. In Israel, he worked as a diplomat and a lawyer. He never returned to Italy permanently.



Birth and education

  • High school studies. He got his first rabbinic degree from the Collegio Rabbinico of Leghorn.
  • Student

Transfer to Florence

  • In 1903 he became cantor at the synagogue and teacher (until 1907, when he became the director) at the male school of the Isrealitic community. In 1910 he got his degree in literature at the Istituto di studi pratici e di perfezionamento of Florence. Since 1922 he was the general secretary for Italy of the Karen Kajemet leIsrael and of the Keren hajesod.
  • Student,Stable employment
  • Official,Teacher
1924Tripoli (Libya)

Mission in Tripoli

  • Mission on behalf of the Federazione sionistica italiana (Italian sionistic federation)
  • Stable employment
  • Official,Teacher

Continuation of the studies

  • In 1926 he was awarded the superior rabbinic diploma (chakham).
  • Stable employment
  • Official,Teacher

Secretary of various Italian zionistic organisations

  • Stable employment
  • Official,Teacher
1927Alexandria (Egypt)

Chief Rabbi of Alexandria

  • Stable employment
  • Official

Chief Rabbi of Rome

  • Stable employment
  • Official
1938Tel Aviv

Emigration to Palestine due to the threat of being put to the confino in Italy

  • Since December 1938 he became director of the rabbinic office of Tel Aviv and professor at the Yeshivat ha-Yishuv he-chadash.
  • Stable employment
  • Official,Teacher
1939France, United Kingdom

Mission to France and the United Kingdom

  • Mission on the behalf of the Yeshivat ha-Yishuv he-chadash
  • Stable employment
  • Official,Teacher

Mission on the behalf of the Jews refugees in Italy

  • Mission to the Italian authorities in order to obtain emigration permits for the Polish Jews in Italy
1940Tel Aviv

Return to Tel Aviv


Return to Italy and designation as chief rabbi of Rome

  • Director of the Italian rabbinic college
  • Stable employment
  • Official