Patrizia Guarnieri

Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy.

Migrants, Exiles and Refugees Fleeing for Political and Racial Reasons

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Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy

Erich Goldberg (1892-1942)

Berlin 28 September 1892 - Singapore 14 February 1942

Lives on the move

Emigrant family members

  • Annemarie Eleonore Curth Goldberg (Trebnitz, Germany, 24 February 1904 - Surrey, GB, 1997), wife: she escaped with him from Germany and they took refugee in Italy; in 1939 they emigrated to Singapore; interned in Sumatra, after a period in Australia she went back to Singapore. She returned to Italy in 1956 and then moved to England. 
  • Ernst Albrecht Curth (Trebnitz, Germany, 28 May 1910 - Pittsburgh 19 September 1995), brother-in-law: he took refuge in France; stateless, in 1948 he emigrated to the United States where he was naturalized and remained until his death. He did not return to Europe.

Aid organisations

  • Provincial Immigration Committee (with various names), Church of England, Western Australia 

Support network

  • Friends in Perth (unreadable names): they offered themselves as guarantors for the immigration visa.
  • Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Perth: he recommended him to the Department of Interior, Canberra, to grant him a visa for Australia in March-April 1939.
  • L.W. Parry, Archdeacon of the Anglican church in the same diocese of Perth: he recommended him for a second visa in October 1941.
  • Alfred Arthur Robertson (1888-1977), secretary of the Provincial Immigration Committee of the Anglican Church in Western Australia, based in Perth: he recommended him to John Curtin, leader of the opposition in the Commonwealth Parliament in Canberra, to obtain an Australian visa in April 1939.
  • John Curtin (1885-1945), leader of the Australian Labor party since 1935 and member of Parliament: in 1939 he recommended Goldberg's application for an entry visa to Australia. From October 1941 to his death in 1945 he was Prime Minister and faced the risk of the invasion of Australia.
  • E.D. Shearn, lawyer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in a law firm set up in 1905 (still active): he tried to defend Goldberg from the expulsion inflicted on him by the Malaysian government in July 1941.



Birth and education

?Breslau (later Wrocław)

University studies, then assistant

  • Universität Breslau
  • Student,Fixed-term employment
  • Junior lecturer

Assistant professor

  • Goethe Universität, Frankfurt
  • Fixed-term employment
  • Junior lecturer

Emigration to Italy

  • Degree in Medicine, University of Pisa; State exam for the professional qualification, University of Perugia.
  • Student
  • Doctor / Dentist

Transfer to Florence

  • Not employed,Freelance job
  • Doctor / Dentist

Emigration to Singapore

  • Deputy superintendent of the Mental Hospital from 1 July 39 to 30 June 1941; interned in Singapore from November 1941; evacuated in February 1942; he is missing.
  • Not employed,Unemployed,Fixed-term employment
  • Doctor / Dentist