Patrizia Guarnieri

Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy.

Migrants, Exiles and Refugees Fleeing for Political and Racial Reasons

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Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy

Mario Fubini (1900-1977)

Turin 18 March 1900 - Turin 29 June 1977

Lives on the move

Emigrant family members

  • Alma Goldschmied (Trieste 29 March 1910 - Turin 1 December 1976), his wife, and two children, Anna Fubini Abbiate (Turin 16 December 1932 - Turin 7 July 2017) and Riccardo Fubini (Trieste 30 August 1934 - Florence 10 July 2018): took refuge with him in Switzerland.
  • Guido Goldschmied (Trieste 8 January 1912 - Trieste 30 June 1955), brother-in-law: refuge in London, in 1939 attended the London School of Economics. Detained as an enemy alien and was transferred to Canada; returned to London in 1941, and to Trieste in 1946, with his son Marco and wife Elinor Sinnott (1910-2009). Elinor Sinnot later became an expert in child mental health and returned to London in 1959 with their son, who became a well-known architect.
  • Fabio Goldschmied (Trieste 23 October 1919 - Pittsburgh 1993), brother-in-law: went to Switzerland and England in order to emigrate to the United States in August 1939. He later became a scholar of aerodynamics, reaching notoriety in his field in the 1950s.

Aid organisations

  • Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars, New York
  • Society for the Protection of Science and Learning, London


References on his first C.V. indicate invitation to the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning, London, n.d. through 1938: 

  • Arturo Farinelli, Accademia d’Italia, Rome; 
  • Filippo Neri, Head of the Facoltà di Lettere, Università di Torino; 
  • Guido Mazzoni, Università di Firenze; 
  • Ernesto Codignola, Facoltà di Magistero, Università di Firenze; 
  • Vittorio Rossi, President of the Accademia dei Lincei, Rome; 
  • Camillo Pellizzi, University College, London; 
  • Michele Barbi, director of the national edition of Foscolo. 

On the SPSL form compiled by his brother-in-law were indicated:
  • still Guido Mazzoni, Michele Barbi and Ernesto Codignola, all names from the Università di Firenze (the former two retired), and the following in order: 
  • Luigi Foscolo Benedetto, Professor of French literature at the Università di Firenze; 
  • Giacomo Devoto, Professor of linguistics at the Università di Firenze; 
  • Vincenzo Errante, from the Università di Milano; 
  • Napoleone Giordano Orsini, Professor of English literature at the Università di Milano and the Università di Firenze; 
  • Giovanni Gentile, senior member and director of the Enciclopedia italiana, Università di Roma; 
  • Natale Sapegno, Professor of Italian literature, Università di Roma; 
  • Alberto M. Ghisalberti, Professor at the Università di Palermo and director of the Museo del Risorgimento at the Vittoriano di Roma; 
  • Giulio Bertoni, Accademia reale italiana, Roma; 
  • Senior Professor Benedetto Croce, Napoli; 
  • Arturo Farinelli, Accademia reale italiana di Torino.

Support network

  • Guido Goldschmied, his brother-in-law, helped him apply to the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning, London.



Birth, Education, and Career in Italy

  • Middle school in Milan; degree in 1921 at the Università di Torino, Facoltà di Lettere e filosofia; Università di Firenze, borsa di studio, 1921-22; teacher in the high schools of Turin; libero docente in Turin in 1929; supplente [substitute professor] in Florence in Italian literature in 1934.
  • Student,Unemployed,Fixed-term employment
  • Teacher,Untenured professor

Associate Professor of Italian Literature

  • Università di Palermo, Facoltà di Lettere
  • Stable employment
  • Tenured professor
1943Balerna, Canton Ticino

Refuge in Switzerland

  • Teacher of higher education for Italian soldiers interned in Mürren (Canton of Bern).
  • Unemployed,Occasional job
  • Teacher

Release to Service and Re-entry in Italy

  • Università di Trieste, Università Statale di Milano and Bocconi.
  • Stable employment
  • Tenured professor

  • Scuola normale superiore di Pisa.
  • Stable employment
  • Tenured professor