Patrizia Guarnieri

Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy.

Migrants, Exiles and Refugees Fleeing for Political and Racial Reasons

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Intellectuals Displaced from Fascist Italy

Oscar Levi, then Landi (1903-1958)

Other headings: Oscarre Levi, Oscarre Landi

Trieste 20 April 1903 - New York 10 November 1958

Lives on the move

Emigrant family members

  • Cesare Levi then Landi (Trieste 27 April 1901 – California 24 October 1991), brother: engineer, emigrated when he was 38 on 8 March 1939, leaving Le Havre with his wife Anna Maria Malaguti and their daughter Donatella, who was two years old. Previously, they had obtained quota visas in Zurich on 27 January 1939. In the United States, they had another daughter, Joanna. He changed his surname to Landi, was naturalised, and visited Italy multiple times since 1946 but never returned permanently.
  • Anna Maria Malaguti Landi (Milan, 20 January 1911 - New York ?), sister-in-law, Cesare's wife: not of Jewish descent, she followed her husband to Switzerland to get the visas in January 1939 and emigrated with him and their two years old daughter Donatella (Milan, 2 February 1937 - ?) to New York, leaving Le Havre, on 8 March 1939. They had another daughter in the USA, Joanna (Pittsburgh 2 August 1942 - ?). She never returned to Italy permanently.



Birth and education


University student

  • Univeristy of Turin, faculty of medicine; graduated in 1927
  • Student

Qualifying examination


Resident doctor and assistant

  • University of Florence; 1932 assistant at the Istituto Fotoradioterapico Celso Pellizzari
  • Student,Stable employment
  • Doctor / Dentist

Study trip

  • Frankfurt, Radiologic Institute; Stockholm, Radium Hammet; Copenhagen, Finsen Institute
  • Stable employment
  • Doctor / Dentist


  • Until 1936 Istituto Fotoradioterapico Celso Pellizzari; 1940 disbarred from the Fascist medical trade union of Florence
  • Stable employment
  • Doctor / Dentist

Stop to get the visa

  • Unemployed
1939Le Havre

Departure from Europe

1939New York

Emigration to the USA and medical practice

  • Hospital for Joint Diseases; Mount Sinai Hospital; Lower Manhattan-Gramercy Medical Group
  • Stable employment
  • Doctor / Dentist
1958New York