Patrizia Guarnieri

Intellettuali in fuga dall'Italia fascista.

Migranti, esuli e rifugiati per motivi politici e razziali

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Intellettuali in fuga dall'Italia fascista

Licia Barocas (1916-1962)

Alexandria (Egypt) 8 March 1916 - Florence 1962?

Vite in movimento

Familiari emigrati

  • Vinicio Barocas (Alexandria, Egypt, 2 August 1914 - Preston, Lancashire, GB, 16 November 2016), brother: came to Italy shortly before her to attend university, in 1939 emigrated to England and never returned.
  • Ida Orvieto Barocas (1882-1949?), mother: widow, came to Florence in 1934 with her two youngest sons and left for Egypt after the promulgation of the Racial Laws.
  • Valerio Barocas (Alexandria, Egypt, 26 October 1904 - Rome April 1965), brother: expelled from the Italian Hospital in Egypt where he was a doctor, prosecuted as an Italian. He moved to Italy in 1952 with his wife Cesira Casini, teacher, and his sons Alberto (1938), who became a nuclear chemist, and Claudio (1940-1989), future Egyptologist. They moved to Rome in 1958.



Birth and education

  • Italian high school
  • Student

University studies

  • Università di Firenze
  • Student

Return to Egypt after the Racial Laws

  • Private teacher
  • Occasional job
  • Teacher

In Florence again

  • Translator from English, specialized in teaching the English language to foreigners, private teacher.
  • Freelance job
  • Teacher,Others